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These prices do not reflect the casino/corporate purchaser price. These prices only represent the price for the home user. This price does not include many of the features necessary for operation in a casino, including software upgrade, bill validator conversion, etc.. For casino pricing, please contact us via telephone at 310-297-9797, or via email at LASlots@LASlots.com

Manufacturer Model No. Game Name Price Machine Info
Aristocrat MK4 Various Titles $850 View
MK5 Various Titles Call View
MK6 Various Titles Call View
MV540 Various Titles N/A View
Atronic WBC Various Titles $1450 View
Cashline Various Titles $1750 View
Bally Pro Slots 5500 Various Titles $450 View
Pro Slots 6000 Various Titles $550 View
V-2000 Video 21 $995 N/A
V-2000 Draw Poker $895 N/A
Gamemaker Gamemaker $1495 N/A
Gamemaker 7200 Gamemaker Slant top $895 View
CDS UV 2020 Various Titles $995 View
UV 1910 Various Titles $995 View
UV 1510 Various Titles $995 View
IGT I Games Plus Various Titles $2950 View
S Plus 16in. Top cabinet $750 View
S Plus 9in. Top cabinet $750 View
S Plus Round Top $750 View
S Plus Slant top double top box slot $595 N/A
Fortune Coin Fortune II Draw Poker $1450 View
Fortune Coin Fortune II Mini Bertha $3750 View
Fortune Coin TV Dice $3250 View
Fortune Coin Fortune II Keno $995 View
Fortune Coin Fortune 21 $1550 View
Players Edge Plus Video Poker Slant Top $850 View
Players Edge Plus Video Poker $1550 View
Players Edge Video Draw Poker $1250 N/A
Barcrest Various Titles $1850 View
S 2000 Various Titles $1250 View
Vision Series Various Titles $1650 View
Sigma SG 112B 4 of a Kind Video Poker $1200 View
SG 150B Various Titles $695 View
B 50 Slot Generic $695 View
SG 1 Video Poker $1200 View
PT 2 Video Poker $495 N/A
C 7 "Derby" Horse Race CALL N/A
Silicon Gaming Odyssey Odyssey Multi-game $1850 View
Single Game Platform $1995 N/A
Universal N/A Slot $795 N/A
Williams 550 Various Titles $1850 View
40S5 Various Titles $750 View
3601 Various Titles $1450 View