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Manufacturer:   IGT >S Plus

S Plus 16-inch Top Cabinet

S Plus 9-inch Top Cabinet

S Plus Slant Top

S Plus Round Top Cabinet

Model Description: 

IGT S Plus

The IGT S+ slot was the industry standard beginning circa 1990. Featuring high capacity 8K RAM, two-board microprocessor system utilizing a mother and a processor board, partitioned S+ software putting the paytable on one chip and game features on a second chip, and improved sound quality with a door mounted speaker, the S+ continues as a popular game still today.

The S+ Series machines are available in a variety of formats:

  • Upright cabinet with a 9? top box (height- 40?, width- 24.5?, depth- 20.75?, weight 185 pounds);
  • Upright cabinet with a 16? top box (46.5? by 24.5? by 20.75?, 190 pounds);
  • Upright cabinet with a Round Top Box (46? by 24.5? by 20.75?, 190 pounds);
  • Slant Top cabinet with a standard top box (50.75? by 28? by 31.25?, 285 pounds).

Many titles are available. Bill validators are also available on this machine. You can order the S+ machine in ?As Is, Complete? and ?Shopped? (reconditioned) conditions. Contact us with any questions or to order.